Table Clamp Pack - 16 mm System

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This is the ideal starter package for a welding table with 16 mm holes. Lets you quickly set a 90 degree angle and clamp your material down.

Swivel Base for Inserta Pliers

Swivels 360° and provides a 25mm extension of the Inserta Pliers base for the extended reach, or retraction, of the Inserta Pliers as needed for precise placement of the clamping pad.
Qty Thread Weight



0.18 kg

Locating Pins

Use the Locating Pins as a stop wherever parts need to be positively located for clamping.
Qty Top Diameter Bottom Diameter Top Height Weight


25 mm

16 mm

38 mm

0.22 kg

Inserta Pliers

Insert into ⌀ 16 mm for fast hold-down clamping.

The patented rear crank handle allows clamp pressure adjustment while the crank clamp is in locked position.

Use the crank handle to pre-set the clamp opening in repetitious clamping applications.

Qty Throat Depth Opening B C Weight


85 mm

100 mm

26 mm

0.7 kg

Inserta Clamps

Place the Inserta Clamps into the 16mm holes on your welding table for fast, easy clamping. Clamp in the vertical or horizontal position at any height.

Qty Clamping Capacity Throat Depth Clamping Pressure Rail Size Weight


150 mm

83 mm

135 kg

16x8 mm

0.6 kg


200 mm

100 mm

180 kg

20x10 mm

1.0 kg

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