Drill Press Fixture Plate - 16 mm System

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Drill Press Fixture Plate

This plate is 600×450 mm by 16 mm thick.

It has 16 mm diameter holes on 50 mm centers, and also M14x2 tapped holes also on 50 mm centers.

Lots of possibilities on what you can do with this plate. It’s ground flat and case hardened, also has a black oxide finish.


One great application we’re using it for is pairing it with a large drill press. You can mount all the BuildPro clamps on it and quickly mount and dismount the 100 mm or 125 mm Fireball Vise if you pair it with the BuildPro Ball Lock Bolts.

Mounting it on a Drill Press

There’s a couple ways to mount this plate to an existing drill press table. Most drill press tables either have through holes and slots, or T-slots. When you bolt it to your existing table surface, you will need to leave some space between the new plate and the existing plate for the BuildPro clamps and ball lock bolts.

You can either use flush mount shoulder bolts to mount the plate using the 16 mm diameter holes, or you can use threaded rods, bolts, or T-slot nuts to mount using the threads.

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