How does the FM19 system compare to other Table Systems?

  • 50 mm Grid
  • 19 mm Hole
  • Compared to 28 mm, double the number of holes on table top
  • Compared to 16 mm, 45% Larger Cross Section, double the material thickness

FM16 - Ø16 mm

  • 50 mm Grid Pattern
  • 16 mm Diameter Hole

FM28 - Ø28 mm

  • 100 mm Grid Pattern
  • 28 mm Diameter Hole

Fixturing System

FM19 - Ø19 mm x 50 mm

The Fireball Tool fixture system is superior to others on the market. It features blocks that can be used in many different ways to maximize their usage. It also can be incrementally adjusted to ensure maximum coverage as efficiently as possible while others fail to reach certain distances without a complicated fixture.

FM19 - Ø19 mm

FM16 - Ø16 mm

FM28 - Ø28 mm

Versatility & Strength

No other system on the market combines both the strength of 50x25 mm fixture profiles with the versatility of 25 mm hole centers. This let's you place fixtures with the agility of a thinner table using 16 mm holes, but with the strength of a big table using 28 mm holes.

Always Stay Square To the Table

Other systems use a two hole slot as standard, which doesn't allow both adjustability and keeping things square. Fireball's tooth block, which forms the basis of most accessories spans 3 holes, which allows adjustment while always keeping your fixtures square with the table.

How Is It Shipped?

Ships Inside a Crate

Ships Inside a Crate

Table Videos

How To Install Legs on a Dragon Wagon

This is how to install legs on a Dragon Wagon. Remember, it is heavy so try to get a friend to help you.

Step 1: Stand the table up on its side (You can use a clamp in one of the side holes in order to get a grip).

Step 2: Brace the table so it does not tip over.

Step 3: Put the legs on horizontally, starting from the bottom legs (make sure the holes line up on each leg across from one another). Torque the bolts to 40.67Nm.

Step 4: Stand the table up now that all legs are on. Remember, the table weighs upwards of 90 kg - 180 kg depending on the size, so be very careful (this is where your friend can help).