Magnetic 25-50-75 Blocks

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The Magnetic 25-50-75 Blocks are the larger, beefed up version our magnetic shop shims. The blocks have 2 powerful rare earth magnets flush mounted on each of 3 different faces while their opposite faces remain without magnets.

​You will find yourself reaching for these all the time instead of digging through the scrap bin.

​​If you weld everyday, don’t even bother finding a place to store them, just attach them to the side of your table or table legs.

​Ground parallel and square on all 6 sides.

Some common uses for these blocks

  • Elevating parts for welding or marking
  • Creating a rest for positioning cross bars


Dimensions: 75 x 50 x 25 mm; oversized up to 0.0127mm
Square: +/- 0.00762 mm all sides
Hardness: 50 HRC
Weight: 0.73 kg per block
Material: Steel

Magnet strength will vary depending on the thickness of material it is adhering to, but on 12.7mm material the pull away force is over 5.44 kg.

Magnets can be replaced using the screws, but avoid prolonged exposure to temperatures above 175° F (80° C) as above this temperature magnets may permanently lose magnetism.

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