Magnetic 1-2-3 Blocks (2-Pack)

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Product Overview


The Magnetic 1-2-3 blocks are the larger, beefed up version our magnetic shop shims. The blocks have 2 powerful rare earth magnets flush mounted on each of 3 different faces while their opposite faces remain without magnets.

​You will find yourself reaching for these all the time instead of digging through the scrap bin.

​​If you weld everyday, don’t even bother finding a place to store them, just attach them to the side of your table or table legs.

​Ground parallel and square on all 6 sides.

​Some common uses for these blocks

  • Elevating parts for welding or marking
  • Creating a rest for positioning cross bars


  • Dimensions: 20 x 50 x 75 mm
  • Square: +/- 0,00762 mm all sides
  • Hardness: 50 HRC
  • Weight: 0,72 kg per block
  • Material: Steel

Magnet strength will vary depending on the thickness of material it is adhering to, but on 12mm material the pull away force is over 5 kg.

Magnets can be replaced using the screws, but avoid prolonged exposure to temperatures above 175 F (80 C) as above this temperature magnets may permanently lose magnetism.