Magic Square

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Product Overview

Magic Square Overview

There are so many ways to use this square it seems like Magic.  It’s two squares in one- when you purchase one Magic Square you get two individual squares that also link together to form 5 different combo squares.  A zinc adjustable handle provides tool-less angle adjustments.  Here’s all the main ways to use the square:

1) Use it as an ordinary, adjustable angle square that adjusts from 40 to 180 degrees.
2) Right Angle 90 Degree Square with generous weld accessibility.  Total height of 20.32cm in this configuration.
3) Tall 30.48cm square when fully opened and locked into place
4) Remove the fasteners to get two individual squares
5) Use the large V-groove to hold large round tubing or pipe
6) Put the squares back together but with the mating surfaces reversed.  This allows you to use the square to hold material offset to each other.
7) Use a second pivot point on the square with the mating surfaces reversed to change the balance of the square, it’ll seem like an entirely different square tool!

magic-use-3.jpg magic-use-1.jpg magic-use-2.jpg


Tricks for Getting a 90 Degree Angle

  • Use the inside 90 degrees of the Mega Square
  • Use Shims or other object to create a 10.16cm block

Tips for Variable Angle Settings

  • When using the Magic Square as a variable angle tool, each angle you set  is creating two useful sets of angles for you, the main angle and a complimentary second angle (acute and obtuse angles).  This means the squares always give you two options on how to hold your work piece at a given angle.  
  • The most accurate way to get an angle is to use a digital protractor.  A scale is not included due to complexities in getting an accurate, high quality scale made.

Specifications (Assembled Square)

  Size (cm) Weight (kgs) Material Tab Thread Size
Magic 12 FE 30.48 x 10.16 x 7.62
4.98952 Cast Iron 1/4-20
Magic 12 AL 30.48 x 10.16 x 7.62
2.26796 Cast Aluminum  1/4-20

 Each square comes with 6 tabs (steel or aluminum to match square material type) and 6x socket head cap screws.  Each tab is 2.75" x 1" in size.  For the pivoting mechanism a 5/16-3/4" socket head cap screw, washer, and zinc alloy adjustable handle are included.